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Home-based care or assisted living is becoming increasingly important in today’s modern and fast-paced environment where career commitments often makes it impossible for families to attend to the care of their housebound elders.

There are a number of reasons why caregiving is one of the most important growth sectors. They include:

  • By the time adults reach age 65, they frequently dealing with at least one chronic illness, such as arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia
  • By the time seniors are 75, they often must deal with two chronic illnesses. At age 85, they may struggle with three or four illnesses
  • The 85-and-older age group is the fastest growing segment of our population
  • The ageing process can be made more difficult and the elderly are can become lonely, because their children are often living far from home
  • The length of time that people stay in hospital or step-down facilities has reduced dramatically in the last decade, leaving the family to organising post-hospitalisation and long term caregiving services.
  • Responsible, professional and compassionate caregiving gives the elderly a sense of dignity and vital companionship

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are chosen to meet your precise needs. The quality of care is guaranteed by the high quality of caregivers, who are subjected to a rigorous selection process, namely:

  • Caregivers are assessed by a highly qualified health care practitioner, or an experienced specialist in assisted living
  • Candidates must always undergo competency tests
  • Comprehensive reference checks are taken in every appointment.
  • Each Caregiver is then closely monitored to ensure that he/she is maintaining our high standards of quality care.

If at any stage our client is not happy with their caregiver we will then source a suitable replacement.

Simplifying daily living for families in need

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