Caregivers Code of Conduct

Caregivers Code of Conduct

Caregivers RSA and Caregivers West Rand expect all its Caregivers and Nurses to apply the following Code of Conduct with dedication, diligence and without exception.

We pledge to you, our valued client that we will:

  • Keep you safe and comfortable
  • Provide you with compassionate care
  • Behave in an ethical and competent manner
  • Adhere to all prescribed medical instructions as delegated
  • Preserve your dignity
  • Respect your privacy
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Respect and promote your independence
  • Adhere to you and your family’s instructions unless they are harmful
  • Immediately communicate any critical change in your health
  • Act with integrity and respect your property at all times
  • Dress and be groomed in a professional manner
  • Disclose any personal illness that might affect my performance or your safety

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